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Palín ( Bruce´s Site)

The true discoverer put my name to it. It counts with a natural and safe launch. (1,600 feet AGL), and the landscapes are precious. Soaring exceptional. It faces North wind. For expert pilots it is possible with enough altitude to travel to Guatemalan Coast (All South area between El Salvador and Mexico), and in good days fly a great Cross Country.
Landing area is ample. 40 minutes from Guatemala City


En donde y cuando volaremos + OTRAS NOTICIAS-Were and when are we flying + other News

*Satelite del clima para Guatemala-Weather Sattelite for Guatemala (animado-animated)

*Insivumeh-Instituto Meteorologico de Guatemala-Guatemalan Metheorological Institute















For Novice Pilots.

Atitlan Lake

Atitlan Lake ( called by many the navel of the world) used to be a gigantic boiler of volcanic nature. In the present it is a very deep lake and it is adorned with diverse indian towns , beautiful mountains and volcanoes Atitaln, Toliman and San Pedro. It is a turistic place, full of hotels restaurants and bars. Flying conditions are ideal and at the present we count with 3 takeoff ramps in different locations all fasing South. The wind traveling the cold lake and free of obstructions arrives without much turbulence. It is a MOST VISIT place.
Landing is cataloged for Intermediate pilots, but there is alwais the chance to land on the water. There are boat drivers with the experience in rescuing Hang Glider Pilots (No one has drowned here since 1978 when the sport started in Guatemala). 2 hours and a half away from Guatemala City.


We have launched from the top of Agua and Acatenango Volcanoes, both at 12,000 feet.
(More info in the future)

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