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Places to Fly in Guatemala

In Guatemala we count with multiple locations to practice Hang Gliding. The further ones around 3 driving hours.
Most of the sites are fantastic for recreational soaring. Cross Country is possible between April and June, and we would be glad to have foreign expert pilots visiting Guatemala to help us out on opening new routes. Please click on the location headings to see a picture or video (I am working on them yet, but will be available soon)

Cerro la Cerra Video

It was given this name in a feminine Spanish term because when you look at it from a distance it depicts a laying naked wIt is located close to the shores of Amatitlan Lake and it is one of the favorite flying sites. The takeoff ramp lies at 600 feet AGL (5000 ASL), and we use South wind to fly there). To get there you have to drive 30 minutes from Guatemala City. Landing is a Polo Court, and you can get there with little effort.
It is recommended for Novice Pilots
Santa Elena Norte


Atitlan Lake

It is the most wonderful soaring site. It is located next to currently Active Pacaya Volcano, and some pilots have managed to climb to enough altitude to view the fiery crater. From the ramp (1500 feet AGL) you have the view of lake Amatitlan in all its extension, Guatemala City, and huge volcanoes of Agua (12000 feet), Fuego and Acatenango. It is fliable with North wind. Landing is medium size and a little turbulent. 30 minutes from Guatemala city. Recommended for Intermediate pilots.

Santa Elena Sur
Opposite side of the same mountain. It faces Santa Rosa Valley, and little soaring. Anyway, thermals have aloud pilots to gain nice hights on high cloud sealing months. Slope launch with (obviously) South wind. Landing is the largest one in the world. You have to land close to a rode if you don't want to walk for hours between cattle carrying all your flying gear (it can be some kind of Gulag).

It is recommended for Novice Pilots.


30 Minutes from Guatemala City.

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