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Selección de videos para bajar de Internet

Colection of internet videos for downlad

Note: I have taken the liberty of putting in this page the best videos I have found on the Internet. If you believe that any of this videos shouldn t be here, belongs to you, or is copyrighted, please feel free to send me an email indicating wich one is, and I ll remove it ASAP.

1. Este video pertenece a www.redbull-vertigo, y hace una acrobacía que no sabía se podía hacer en planeador. Muy recomendado.-These video belongs to www.redbull-vertigo, and does an acrobatic I didnt know could be thone in a hang glider. Recomended  
2. Parateam. Debe ver este video.  Hace que el parapente se vea muy divertido.  You have to see this video.  It makes Paragliding look very fun.  Good Video Editing.  VERLO AQUI-SEE IT HERE

En donde y cuando volaremos + OTRAS NOTICIAS-Were and when are we flying + other News

*Satelite del clima para Guatemala-Weather Sattelite for Guatemala (animado-animated)

*Insivumeh-Instituto Meteorologico de Guatemala-Guatemalan Metheorological Institute














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Stories and other topics

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My Pictures

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Vuele en Guatemala-Fly in Guatemala